Senior Discount: Special Senior Nation 200 Plan at $29.99/month OR 10% off qualified plans for AARP members.

– Age: 50+

– Availability: Nationwide

– About: Originally known as Southwestern Bell Telephone Company (a subsidiary of Alexander Graham Bell’s own Bell Telephone Company), AT&T is now one of the largest phone, television, and internet service providers in the United States. Seniors age 65 and older can get access to the special Senior Nation plan, which offers nationwide calling across the U.S. for $29.99 per month. This plan use of Anytime Minutes, Mobile to Mobile (M2M) Minutes and Nights and Weekends (N&W) without roaming and long distance charges. In addition to the Senior Nation plan, which is available to any seniors over 65, AARP members can also receive 10% off qualified voice and data plans + 15% off eligible wireless accessories.